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You guys…. I don’t know about you, but birthday party planning has exploded since Pinterest became the how-to-be-a-perfect-mom search engine. The parties I’ve attended (and there have been MANY) over the years have ranged from everything as simple as inviting kids over to play and have cake to literally an all-out zoo parked in the backyard with the invitations as elaborate as the party itself. You know exactly what I’m talking about….

But, seriously. No judgment here…I kinda liked the zoo and awesome invitations. As a planner, I definitely experienced the “wow” factor. But, for those of us who just need some basics, I’ve got the perfect checklist for you! In fact, if you want the more detailed version of the checklist, click here.

If you’re planning a party for your little person, involve them in the process. And what this means is…they need to understand the event budget (as much as they can…but, let’s face it…these kids know that an iPhone 11 costs over $1,000 and an Xbox is $350ish), help with the theme, and of course they need to tell you who they want to invite.

6-8 weeks out

4 weeks out

2-3 weeks out

Week of the party

Day of the party

There you have it…the party planning checklist! Enjoy!