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How many zoom calls have you participated in this past week? I’m gonna venture to say it’s been a LOT.

I was asked the question on a call recently, “What has worked for you during quarantine that you want to keep in place when things go back to normal?” My reply, “I like how we seem to be very mindful of when and how meetings are scheduled. Maybe we can keep that in place.” 

Now that businesses are slowly opening up and things are starting to get back to “normal,” it’s a good time to revisit how you prioritize meetings. Executives spend nearly 23 hours a week in meetings, according to the Harvard Business Review. 

Let that sink in a little. That is a TON of time spent attending meetings.

There are two essential things you can do to help with meeting management.

  1. If what will be shared is information-based, put it in an email

  2. If you need to collaborate and receive feedback, schedule a meeting

Furthermore, if you need to receive feedback…be very specific ahead of time regarding what you’re looking to accomplish. This will keep your meetings efficient, effective…and all of those people who attend zoom meetings who can’t ever get their video feed to work (you KNOW they’re having a cocktail!)…they may jump in and participate too.

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