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We ALL have a million dings, bells, whistles, alarms, notifications…you name it, we’re getting buzzed regularly throughout our day. 

Technology is great, but truth…effective use of technology requires setting boundaries. As much as we all want to know the latest Twitter post from our favorite person out there in the social space, the fact of the matter is – it’s not productive, efficient or healthy to be constantly distracted. 

Tip #1: Check social media feeds and email first thing in the morning. 

PRO TIP: Social media was created to keep us on their platforms…it’s addictive by design. Be mindful of this when you find yourself checking social media often.

Tip #2: Adjust the notifications on your phone, tablet, laptop and computer. 

You’ll be amazed how many notifications are turned on for your social media channels, email, news and so much more. 

Go to your settings on your device. Find the notifications setting and open it. When it’s open, you’ll see all the various apps that are set up to notify you when someone posts or there’s new news or a new email. 

Choose which notifications you want to receive and turn off everything else. Trust me – this is a game changer.

Tip #3: Delete those apps that don’t serve you. 

If you find photos posted on a specific Instagram feed constantly make you feel bad about yourself…someone’s hair is too perfect or their body is faultless…or whatever your “thing” is, then GET RID OF IT. 

It’s disrupting how you feel about you…and that ultimately impacts your productivity and self-worth. Totally not worth it.