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My 4 tips to keep you ready for anything…. 

I made the decision to put my kids back into face to face school this year despite Covid. Why? They needed friends. They needed interaction. They needed a schedule again…and to be with teachers who can actually teach. I mean, let’s face it – I’m no teacher, and I can honestly say that is something I NEVER wanted to do. 

My kids were MORE than happy to go back to school and wear their masks all day. My daughter is “that” kid who lets people know if their mask is properly affixed to their face (your nose must not be showing…hah). They want to stay in school and be with their friends FOR SURE.

One thing I’ve noticed with the kids being back in school is that the school has implemented “brain breaks.” My littlest was telling me that several times a day, the kids take 5-7 minutes just to take a break…talk to their friends…or put their head down on their desk.

Brain break…I LOVE this concept.

I don’t know about you, but over the past several months with quarantine and now trying to stay safe, I feel like I’m working ALL. THE. TIME. It’s constant. I wake up…work, work, work, and then before you know it – it’s time for bed. 

The days are EXHAUSTING. 

When my little guy told me about brain breaks, I thought to myself, “that’s genius.” We all need to have brain breaks, right?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reading everything I can about burnout and how it can physically manifest itself in a variety of ways…and one of the most common symptoms is exhaustion.

I can soooo relate. Can you?

I’ve started implementing a few things to help keep me sharp during the day. Below are my top 4 tips.

  1. I take a morning walk. I typically listen to my favorite podcasts…but, the fresh air and exercise is great for my spirit.
  2. I drink a TON of water during the day. I know there’s a formula for how much water you need to drink depending on your weight. However, I drink 3-4 bottles of 32 ounces of water every, single day. 
  3. When I need a break, I take it. In fact, I told my husband last night that I really don’t work a ton on the weekends because I NEED that break. I work my butt off during the week, and I need time recharge. Taking a break allows your brain time to rest, recalibrate and it’s much easier to focus when you get back into your work again too.
  4. I make sure I get 7 hours of sleep each night. Holy moly – I look forward to it too. I have a Fitbit I wear, and it really helps me stay on track with my sleep and exercise. I LOVE it.

I’m starting a new business. My brain is FULL of ideas and tweaks and things I need to do differently. I truly believe the reason why I’m ready to work hard each day is because I’m rested and ready to do it all.

I still have my days when I certainly feel foggy…and an extra cup of coffee can help! 

Every morning before my husband and kids leave the house, I always ask them “Is there anything else you need from me in order for you to have a successful day?” 

Staying focused is a mindset shift. You must be aware of what YOU need in order to be successful.