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Trimming the fat

I was talking with a dear friend the other day. He’s a business owner with several locations. The Covid crisis has severely impacted his business, with sales down 70-80% over the prior year. As I know many business

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Choosing to be joyful

I know it sounds cheesy, but choosing to be joyful is truly a decision we make every day.  I am 100% positive you know of at least one person that despite all of the awful things that may

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I wanna get real for a minute

Homeschool week FIVE has ended. We are healthy, working with clients, staying on top of school work…and trying to maintain sanity. But, you guys…this is so hard.  I think I’ve read all the things I can possibly read

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What homeschool has taught me

We just finished up week four of homeschool. Holy moly. We are still alive and kickin…thank goodness. Trying to work and be a full time mom and teacher is…completely unrealistic.  As difficult as it has been to be

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Be an original

I met a potential new client a few weeks ago (pre-pandemic). I read his bio before we met. He was very impressive: Ivy League education, doctorate degree, incredible work experience…and for the first time in a long time,

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Attitude is everything

As we finished week two of homeschool, I can’t tell you how many times I told (primarily) my daughter that attitude is everything. She would get snarky with me (eye rolling, pound her feet as she’s coming downstairs…you

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SOS from your extrovert colleagues

Week one under quarantine with the kids has been interesting. Funny enough, they’ve behaved better than what I thought they would…but, I’ll keep you posted if that changes!  This past week, it has been raining practically every day

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How to find silver linings

I don’t know about you, but I struggle from time to time seeing the good in things. I really do consider myself to be the ultimate optimist, but sometimes…no matter how hard I try…someone or something just won’t

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What’s your top 5 goals this week?

My husband and I have this funny thing we do with each other on occasion. If we’re listening to music, I’ll ask him, “What’s your top five songs today?” Depending on the mood, he’ll rattle off a few

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