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Reasons to Hire a Business Coach

The past few months, I’ve been working on a coaching program and digital course. Let me tell you – I thought I knew a lot about this digital world we are living in, but boy…I’ve had a LOT to learn the past few months.


I’ve had to learn all about digital platforms to host my course and then how to actually do it…which platform is best for delivering emails and automations…setting up automations…oh yeah…and then there’s the “how do you promote your business when algorithms change frequently on Facebook and Instagram?”

Not to mention I’ve been serving my clients, virtual school, life and all the things that come along with that…it’s a lot.

TRUTH IS - Everyone has a lot going on, right?

So, how do I stay on top of it all? What’s my secret weapon?

I’ll tell you what: I have an accountability partner. I have a business coach.

Yep, even though I’m a solopreneur – I invested in a business coach who asks all the right questions and helps me stay on track.

Listen, I’m new to this online way of doing things. Sure, I’ve posted on Facebook and Instagram a few times over the years. But, promoting a business and selling it online…that’s a whole new ball game. It’s highly technical and there can be a lot of “noise” that can be very distracting too.

The most impactful move I’ve made in my business is to have someone by my side helping to keep my eye on the prize, so to speak. I’ve learned to stay focused on MY infinite potential.

I was reading an article in about business accountability partners and found this fascinating…

Linda Galindo, author of The 85% Solution: How Personal Accountability Guarantees Success (Jossey-Bass, 2009), says accountability partners are an entrepreneur’s secret weapon for quick growth. “Working with a partner prevents the ready-fire-aim approach that a lot of entrepreneurs use,” she says.

It’s so true. Whether you’re a business owner or leader in an organization, it’s so easy to get caught up making rapid-fire decisions because you’re stuck and need to quickly get out of a rut. But, the fact of the matter is that important decisions are best made by talking it out and thinking things through with someone who can be honest with you and help keep you aligned to your vision and goals.

I’ve got a challenge for you…

I want you to think about just ONE THING you desire to improve in your business or organization.

What is it that’s nagging at you?

What do you wish could be handled differently or had a different outcome?

Identify ONE PERSON who can help you stay focused on that ONE THING you need to accomplish.

Who is that person?

What is their name?

Do they have the skills needed to help you achieve your one thing?

Will they be brutally honest with you or just tell you what you want to hear?

Get real here. If you want to move mountains, you need someone who will not only hold your hand but will give you the step by step directions so you know how to get there.

Then, go talk to that person about your ONE THING you want to improve and WHAT you want them to do…and be specific. How many times a week do you need a check-in?

Be clear about your expectations and what you need from them regarding feedback and accountability.


If it’s hard to find that “right person” to help you – I get it. I wanted to hire someone who actually had a plan to help me…and she did and still does. If you need someone to be that person who can hold your hand, has a plan, and will keep you focused…I’d love to help.

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