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3 steps to maximize the first hour of your day

What can you do in one hour? I’ve been told that I can get more stuff done in one hour than most people can do in four. I’m not trying to brag at all, but let me tell ya – as a working mom with three kids…I’ve learned to maximize an hour like nobody’s business.

I work from home. And, yes, my kids are home for the summer and yes…my kids have been home since March due to Covid-19. And yes…I hear my name called a million times a day too. I KNOW you can relate.

Here’s how I spend the first hour of my day…after coffee, of course.

  1. Check social media feeds to see what’s happened overnight. I’m not talking about scrolling your feed for an hour. This is a quick look at news-related items that might impact your day. Save the Instagram scroll as an evening activity.

  2. Check email and quickly respond to those emails I can address in under two minutes. For emails that will take a longer response, I’ll email that person and tell them when I’ll be back in touch with an appropriate response. I’ll flag those emails as my reminder to get back in touch with them so I don’t forget.

  3. I’ll address client issues that I can quickly address too. For example, if I need to prompt a client to answer some questions or things to think about – I’ll send those emails in the morning so clients can have the day to respond. 

PRO TIP: I don’t know about you, but I despise receiving emails from people asking a laundry list of questions or things to do on a Friday at 3pm. That is SO WRONG, especially if they could’ve addressed it earlier in the week or in the day. 

I realize things come up from time to time. But, those who systematically send me Friday afternoon emails wanting immediate responses, I’ve learned to train those people that I won’t give an appropriate response until Monday…and I let them know that as well. If it’s an emergency…that’s one thing – address it as quickly as possible. But…you know what I’m talking about…those people who relish a Friday afternoon fire drill need to be trained. 

You can accomplish a LOT in one hour. Promise. All you gotta do is take this 3-step approach and kill it.

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