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what's the secret sauce?

we create a clear plan to bring you more clients and revenue.

Without a plan, goals are just hopes and dreams with no clear direction for how to achieve it.

Without the support that we need to achieve those outrageous goals…as the research says…the likelihood of accomplishing those goals is drastically diminished.

Level Up & Play Bigger walks you through step by step to develop a structure for success AND gives you the support you need to actually accomplish all the things you deserve and are looking to achieve.

I use a simple 3-step approach – a proven blueprint to help you get out of your own way and gain clarity about where you’re headed without all the stress.

I teach my clients:

How to design a profitable marketing strategy so you don’t waste time and money marketing to the wrong ideal client.


How to deliver an exceptional client experience so they continue to buy from you time and time again.


How to develop systems to grow and scale your business.

My programs are for you if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner who…

Level Up & Play Bigger Online Course & Module Overview


  • Starting with self-assessment
  • Assessments for teams
  • Developing an abundance mindset
  • Determining what’s important to you – how values shape your business and life
  • Identifying your purpose and starting with WHY


  • Describe who is buying from you (or who you WANT buying from you)
  • Leverage your personality in your brand so your client purchases from you time and time again.
  • STOP the social media madness! Pick your platform so you don’t waste countless hours communicating to the WRONG customer.
  • Develop a lead magnet or “freebie” to leverage social media and grow your email list.
  • Communicate with your audience weekly so that your competition doesn’t stand a chance.


  • Learn strategies for client relationship building so you keep clients coming back for more.
  • How to offer extreme value to your clients.
  • How to communicate with your clients so you are meeting their needs with your product or service.
  • Training your staff to deliver an exceptional client experience.


  • How to hire the RIGHT people for your business.
  • How to determine the numbers or data you need to review on a consistent basis to ensure your business stays profitable and growing.
  • Systems to help you automate your marketing.
  • Systems you need to ensure a consistent customer experience every, single time they buy from you.


  • Identifying your audience…who are you talking to? 
  • What information to share and how to share it
  • Timing is everything – when to deliver your message


  • Overview and top 10 questions to answer BEFORE you make a plan
  • Getting down to the nitty gritty and being specific about goal setting
  • How to measure success
  • How to avoid killing productivity by keeping goals achievable
  • Ensuring goals are relevant to your overall vision
  • Developing deadlines and sticking to it


  • How to evaluate your plan
  • How to develop rinse and repeat processes that work for you


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