How to Battle Head Trash

Spending 23+ years in a corporate setting and transitioning to entrepreneurship wasn’t easy. It wasn’t just the scheduling changes that took place. I came from an environment where I had my calendar booked every 30 minutes, sometimes every 15 minutes with a different meeting…to in charge of my own schedule. But, it was for me - much harder to be by myself working and alone every day with no one to collaborate with much less talk to and bounce ideas. Finding my people online was HUGE for me to have any success in business…and it’s still hard, but I’ve got my people to share my good and bad days with and they understand because they’re in the same boat. If you’re looking for external validation from a partner or spouse who isn’t an entrepreneur - you’ll be disappointed all the time. My advice: find your people who can be a good support system and learn how to be your own cheerleader. I do that by writing down the days I have AWESOME things happen and will make myself go back and read those great things on the days that I have a crappy day. Don't forget to follow me on IG @heather_lisle or check out more of what I have to offer to help you make money online at