Why the DiSC Assessment is my Go-To Tool for Communication Clarity

Have you ever taken the Meyers Briggs test? Or the Enneagram? How about the Colors test…or for me, I remember the first time I took the DiSC assessment, I was a Regional Vice President of Resource Development for the American Lung Association. I was at a leadership conference and we spent a half day with a facilitator learning about our behavior styles…and I found it fascinating. It helped me to be able to communicate with my team better and make better decisions with the volunteers and donors I worked with as well. Fast forward to about 7 years ago, I took the DiSC again when I became Chief of Public Affairs for an elected official. On our leadership team (there were only 7 of us), one of the guys was soooo hard for me to work with, and I struggled. When he took the DiSC and I learned about his style…it was a game changer for our relationship. About 2 years ago, I became a DiSC facilitator…I believe in this tool so much that I use it with my clients to be able to help them understand how they will best communicate with their perfect clients. Allow me to help you find your path to communicate better and clearer. Check out my IG @heather_lisle or on my website to get more information. Book your 60 minute Messaging & Marketing Strategy Call with me today to go over how the DiSC Assessment can and will help you.