EPISODE 4: When you Assume - You Lose

How many times have you assumed something without asking for facts or clarity? I’ll raise my hand on this one. I’ve assumed that people think my work is boring and like everyone else…and it’s not. I’ve assumed clients have felt a certain way about a project…and in fact - they felt very differently. I’ve assumed that someone understands certain terminology and they don’t. We have all made assumptions about various aspects of our business. We assume that no one is seeing our posts on social media. We assume that people aren’t reading our emails. We assume that we need to spend money on things - like paid ads or SEO - when we aren’t making the money that we want to make. In this episode, I cover my 3 biggest checkpoints I look at daily to make sure I stay away from the assumptions, and go directly toward what can grow my business and make more money - which can help you too! If you are looking for a surefire way to expand and grow your business, understand marketing clearer and easier, make sure to follow me on IG @heather_lisle or check out all I have to offer on my website at Are you feeling lost in your business today? Book a 60 minute Strategy call with me by clicking on this link to guide you to growing your business more efficiently! Book your call here.