Episode 6: Don't Be Basic - Be Baller

Basic is boring, and it doesn’t sell. Do you… Look like everyone else out there in your industry or niche? Talk more about the services you offer versus the problems you solve? Regularly communicate to your potential clients about why they should use you over your competitor? In this episode, I uncover the 3 things you can do to get out of the basic zone and into the baller zone. From having stale messaging to separating you from you competition, I will dive into these 3 specific things for you to enhance your messaging which will hopefully lead to many more clients and sales! Are you looking to understand your messaging more clear? Don't wait to jump on a strategy call with me. You can book with me here. Also, please follow me on IG @heather_lisle as I give so many daily golden nuggets for free to help you market your products or services clearer and helping you stand out from your competition.