Episode 9: Using Instagram to Grow Your Business - Even If You’re New to the Platform or Been Using it for Years - with Emmy Cornwell

As business owners, we tend to feel as if we need to be on all the platforms doing all the things. But, in order to not burnout and be effective - you’ve got to focus on ONE platform…get really good at it…and then build your digital presence from there. For so many business owners, Instagram is a platform where their clients are hanging out the most. We are going to dive into what you should and shouldn’t be focusing on with Instagram, whether you’re a seasoned veteran on the platform or a newbie. Instagram business coach and digital creator, Emmy Cornwell, will talk about all of the top tips and tricks you need to know as a business owner on Instagram. Get out your notepad and pen because this episode is packed full of information you need to know. Find Emmy @heyheyemmy on Instagram or check out her podcast, The Hey Hey Emmy Show.