Episode 11: How to Gain Confidence & Clarity with Your Messaging with Elizabeth de Moraes

When it comes to on-camera or on-stage interviews and appearances, it can be downright scary for a lot of us. The thought of pressing the “record” button was terrifying for me a few years ago! Why? Even though I am competent and an expert in my field, I lacked the confidence when it came to getting on-camera. If you’ve ever felt this way, you are absolutely not alone. We are chatting today with my dear friend and international communications and media presence coach, Elizabeth de Moraes. She will share with us the techniques she uses with her clients to develop their own style of magnetic executive presence, confidence, polish and message delivery that creates more credibility especially during on-camera and public appearances. To learn more about Elizabeth, you can connect with her on Instagram @iamelizabethdemoraes or visit her website at