Episode 13: Taking a Break Can Really Help Your Creativity

This is timely, I know…. But, let me tell you something - taking a break is exactly what you need when you’ve been going and going and not taking a minute to recharge. I’ll admit that I love a weekend getaway. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. I’m not the kind of person who requires two-week long European vacations. Nope, a night or two away does my spirit so much good. My dad always talked about working hard and playing hard. Even during the ‘80’s oil bust and we didn’t have much money at all, my dad ALWAYS made sure we took our summer vacation to New Mexico. I KNOW he made a financial sacrifice for our family, but looking back now...we needed it. I said NEEDED it...not just wanted it. But, our family had a deep need to reconnect once a year. Life (and my parents’ business) was hard, and my dad knew that spending a few days away from the hustle and bustle of it all would help reset our minds and renew our spirit. He was right. It’s funny that all those things he did for our family as I was growing up...he knew waaaay more than I did...and still does. So, a few times a year (if not more), I make sure we take a few days to unplug because it truly is necessary in order to grow. This takes some planning though. You know as well as I do that the weeks fly by, and if you don’t get intentional with your calendar - it’ll own you. The meetings, the presentations…it’ll all own you. So, flip the switch. Take a break. Get out your calendar and find some time to unwind. Take the kids to grandma’s house. If you can’t go somewhere because money is tight, stay home and find something fun to do or just relax. I realize we are just starting to get out from under a pandemic and economic shutdown, but now more than ever we need a break. I promise you - the creativity and renewed sense of spirit will work wonders for you personally and professionally.