Episode 14: Not Where You Thought You’d Be Halfway Through the Year? Let’s Talk About What You Can Do To Fix It

Stop wasting time and lots of money by not doing a mid-year review to see what’s working and not working in your business from a marketing perspective. You likely tried some new things in your business this year...some worked, some didn't...some...well, you're not sure yet. You win some - you lose some, right? However, you'll lose cash and clients if you don't review and consider a few things moving into the new year. 1️⃣ Take a look at data analytics on your social media platforms. You'll want to see which posts performed well and which ones didn't. This will help you plan your posts for the new year. Do the same thing with your email marketing too. 2️⃣ Take a look at what your competitors are doing online. Are they doing anything that seems to be landing with their community? Do you see people commenting and engaging with their content? 3️⃣ Have an understanding of the trends in your industry heading into the new year. It's always a good idea to be up-to-date so you're ahead of the game. 4️⃣ Think about your marketing objective. What is the ONE result you would like to see different in your business?