Episode 23: How to Message & Market Your Business to the Laid-Back & Indecisive Client with Katie Gibbons

If you’ve had a client who has a warmth about them…but maybe somewhat introverted yet people-focused, you’re working with a S type personality. The S on the DiSC is the Steady-Relator.

Their biggest fear is change…and they love collaborating and being a listening ear to dear friends and colleagues. Communicating and selling to this personality type can be simple if you focus on these key items:

  • Show how your solution will benefit them and all stakeholders.
  • Allow plenty of time for discussion and answer all of their questions.
  • Don’t ever pressure this type of person for action. Give them plenty of time to evaluate and decide.

Today’s guest is Katie Gibbons, one of my dearest friends and a Financial Wellness Coach. She and I are going to talk about the stressors and motivators of the S type, how to market and sell to the S type, and what she feels are the biggest strengths and weaknesses of the S. This conversation is packed full of great information to help you better understand and market your business to one of the largest personality groups you can sell to…the S!

To connect with Katie, you can find her on Instagram