Episode 25: How to Message & Market to the Analytical & Non-Emotional Type with Jessica Bargenquast

If you’ve ever worked with a client who didn’t express much emotion and is extremely analytical, you’ve likely worked with a C type on the DiSC. This is the Conscientious type.

Their biggest fear is making a mistake. They love having lots of information to consume and keeping to themselves. Communicating and selling to this personality type can be simple if you focus on these key concepts:

  • Use data and facts - don’t talk about personal issues.
  • Be sure to give detailed information and time for them to think and decide.
  • Be patient.

Today’s guest is the Founder of Lady Changemakers, Jessica Bargenquast. Jessica and I talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the C type and how her personality has helped her build a business. If your perfect client is a C type, you’ll want to tune in and learn how to market and sell to this personality. This conversation will change how you message and market your business.

To connect with Jessica, follow her business on Instagram @Ladychangemakers or on Facebook Lady Change Makers.