Episode 27: What to Post on LinkedIn…That’s the Question!

What content to post on LinkedIn verse what not to post... that is the question.

If you are active in LinkedIn or not active but knowing you should be active, then you are going to want to listen in to this.

In this episode, I am talking about how to message best on LinkedIn and how to attract your perfect client to you with your messaging through LinkedIn specifically. A big key is we need to stop being so "corporate" with our messaging and bring out your own personality to form the Know, Like & Trust approach quicker.

You will hear about 3-5 content areas you want to focus on, what your ideal client wants to hear as I give you real world examples from a dear friend of mine on how I helped her out with her messaging as a recruiter for an accounting firm.

If you are struggling with your messaging and not gaining momentum attracting your ideal client, then the DiSC assessment is a must! Click here to take the assessment and start attracting your ideal client through your messaging today!

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