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I’ve recently had an a-ha moment in my business.

Here’s what I’ve learned about myself: I’m in the business of helping businesses and organizations get visible.

👊🎤 Mic drop moment for me.

I was listening to a branding call with my business coach recently. She asked the question to our group: What business are you really in?

Truth be told, Peter Drucker was the one who first coined that phrase. But, for whatever reason, that question hit me like a Mack truck.

I’ve been struggling with how I can best message myself and what I do. Yeah…I’ve got a truckload of experience when it comes to marketing, communications, strategic planning and public relations. 

But, visibility…that’s the ultimate outcome I give my clients. That could mean a variety of things:

➡️ I’ve coached a professional on how to interview with confidence for a big career move.

➡️ I’ve helped a professional business owner dramatically increase their presence online.

➡️ I’ve helped a school district, municipality and chamber of commerce develop a plan for moving forward in their community.

I want to work with ANYONE who needs help getting visible, whether you’re an executive at a non-profit (non-profit organizations definitely need help getting visible post-pandemic) or a professional business owner or entrepreneur.

Here’s the thing. It is highly likely that whatever business you are in – you likely have lots of competition, right? If you’re a restauranteur, how many restaurants are competing for the same business? If you’re a service provider, how many other providers are offering the same service?

No matter how competitive the environment…there’s only ONE of you. You are what makes your business special and unique.

The only way to ensure you can stand out and rise above your competition is to make yourself visible…and you’ve GOT to have a strong presence online too.

The fact of the matter is this: You are leaving money on the table…missing out on deals…missing out on opportunities in general if you’re not being intentional with messaging and stepping outside your comfort zone to get visible.

So think about these two things when it comes to getting visible.

  1. Articulate who you are and what you do in one sentence. This requires a lot of thought work, ya’ll…and it’s a work in progress too. What is the one thing you offer your clients? 
  2. Think about who is your ideal client. Not everyone buys from you – they don’t. So, do some digging and think about the type of person you want to attract to your business. Your messaging and how you make yourself visible to the PERFECT clients is key to growing your business.

…and if you want to bounce around some ideas and need a partner to talk with about how you need to get visible, I’m your girl. Reply to this email or click HERE to schedule some time to chat.