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Do you own your calendar?

I was working with a client recently and she was a high-performer, competitive and incredibly sharp…and had massive management responsibilities.

One of her biggest challenges, however, was “finding time” to regroup after meetings or just have time to do her own work.

Meetings were scheduled, booked and on the calendar quickly…and before she knew it, she didn’t have the time she needed to digest new information and decompress before the next meeting came around. The calendar was PACKED.

Does this describe your life too?

Yep…work and life can be distracting. You know it, and I know it. 

So, let’s nip this in the bud right now. I’ve worked with countless leaders who have completely let their work calendar RULE THEIR LIFE. 

You guys, this is NOT healthy. 

It is NOT sustainable. 

It WILL make you a miserable person. I PROMISE. 

I used to be the girl who never took a day off. It was a pride thing for me. Let me tell you, the only thing that NOT taking a day off will do is burn you out big time. This is especially true during Covid. 

I’ve read countless articles about how people are working more than they ever have in the past because working from home means you’re not taking time off.

You’ve got to block time for you, whether that means blocking time to digest information after a meeting or blocking time to take a break.

Don’t let your calendar own every minute of your day. 

I challenge you to get out calendar right now. Take a look at your week and determine when you can block some time for you.

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