How To Avoid Communication Pitfalls That Kill Sales

If you want to have the edge over everyone else in your industry, then you have got to really understand your unique communication style and how to utilize that in order to attract more clients and set yourself apart. 

When you combine messaging infused with your personality along with the exact strategies to help you communicate your brand to the people who want to buy from you … this is where the real magic happens.


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This Training Is Perfect For You If...

  • You have customers that sometimes you just don’t see “eye to eye” and it’s so frustrating to spend time trying to cultivate relationships that seem to fall flat.
  • You know you’ve got something special to communicate with the world but aren’t sure how to share it in a way that feels authentic.
  • You’ve been messaging and marketing your business but don’t see much engagement (if any) on social media or your email marketing.
  • You know you need to be “out there” networking in the face-to-face world and digital space but don’t really know what to talk about or how to post without sounding like a corporate robot. 
This Training Is NOT Perfect For You If...
  • Communication isn’t a struggle. Your team and clients love you and there are ZERO issues at the office (or at home).
  • Your direct messages on social media and voicemail is blowing up with new leads every, single day.
  • You have a big presence on social media and you ARE the change maker…and everyone knows it.

During this training, you will walk away understanding: 


  • How to build immediate trust and rapport by genuinely connecting with others based on personality type.

  • How to quickly identify the communication style of your customer prospects and increase the probability of closing bigger deals with existing accounts and acquiring new business.

  • How to avoid communication pitfalls that kill sales.

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I'm Heather Lisle

I love helping brands scale with executive-level marketing strategy and flawless execution. With over 20+ years of marketing, public relations and communications experience, I specialize in cutting through the small talk and digging deep to identify my client’s special sauce (aka their uniqueness) that sets them apart from their competition to increase leads and sales.


What Others Are Saying About My Trainings....

Tiffany Carter

 Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur & Top Business Coach

"...I wanted to bring in a top expert to teach people how to effectively communicate in order to draw in your ideal clients and those eager to buy from you...and the first person who came to mind was Heather Lisle." 


Fred Mathers

Executive Vice President of Pavilion, and International Professional Membership Organization of Over 8,500 Members


“Heather’s training to our team of sales executives was by far the most engaged and energizing training this group has seen this year.”

Ready to book your FREE training session?

Fill out the form below, and someone will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours to work with you and secure a date.