Build a Brand Based on Your Personality.


Helping brands scale with executive level messaging using the DiSC profile + money-making marketing strategies = consistent revenue & growth.

Learn how to message and market your business to ANY personality type!

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Build a Brand Based On Your Personality

Build A Brand Based On You

Using the DiSC profile, we are able to take a deep-dive into your personality type and determine the best communication strategies to market to your perfect client.





Being aware of your communication style + understanding how your potential client consumes and responds to communication = a perfect marriage that ends with your perfect clients choosing YOU over your competitors.

Content Creation That Makes Bank

Turn heads with a content strategy and brand presence you're proud of because it authentically represents your expertise and charisma. 

Create Consistent Income & Growth 

Consistently attract new clients through a strategic messaging and marketing framework so you can build a business you love. 

You deserve to win.

Ready to stand out from the competition and win more business?



I'm going to bet you've spent thousands of dollars on your website, logo, and ads...right?

I've been exactly where you are, wondering which program, ad, or sponsorship is going to get me in front of the clients I really want to help.

It's so frustrating to know that you have the experience (for's 20+ years in marketing and communications in leadership roles as well as a degree in the same field) but yet - you don't have "online" eyeballs on your business...

...and to add insult to injury - you see your competitors killing it online, and you're a little jealous and want what they have.

I spent upwards of $12,000 building a website (not this one), developing a logo, SEO and had a firm develop a marketing plan for me...not to mention the $50,000+ on business coaches, programs and other trainings.

Some of it has worked...some of it hasn't...and you're frustrated that you keep spinning your wheels hoping for the best and wondering when you're going to finally see things "click," right?

You are not alone.

The good news is that I can save you so much dang money because I've learned the system that actually works and can give you the step-by-step guide to nail your messaging and get your business online and making money starting TODAY.

My Money Making Messaging & Marketing framework has helped my clients crush it without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars hiring consultants, employees and agencies.

Are you ready to have your message land with your perfect client? Let's go!

Work With Me

See what my clients are saying about me.... 

Lezel Safi
Cunningham Safi Legal Group 

My motto is to surround yourself with those that are the best and better because it will take you on your journey to the next level. Heather took me by the hand when I started visualizing my own law firm and made the process smoother, seamless and dare I say pain-free. Having her on my team to pursue my life's purpose has been humbling and I am every so grateful for her professional guidance, encouragement and support.

Jennifer Conway
President & CEO, Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce

We engaged Heather to facilitate a discussion amongst our community leaders from varying organizations. She set the stage and helped us navigate establishing a healthy dialogue and stronger relationships. Her ability to read the room set everyone at ease and move us forward in achieving a consensus was the primary reason our meeting was a huge success.

Gigi Faulkner
Broker Owner, ReMax First Realty

In a word, Heather Lisle is a maximizer! She helps people who dream big - make it happen. She can help you take your vision to the next level through increasing your visibility and impact. Heather brings her extraordinary organizational and marketing savvy right through your door and opens it wide for more business opportunities and greater profit.

Michele Hockersmith
State Director, Oklahoma Small Business Development Council

Heather Lisle is the consummate professional in the business world. Her desire to assist businesses in moving forward and being successful is demonstrated through the effort she dedicates to finding what their "secret sauce" is and then leveraging that to advance their potential. Her approach is always enthusiastic, but she breaks the plan down so well that entrepreneurs are not overwhelmed with information. They simply understand the strategy it will take to execute and reach their goals.

Megan Stanek
YZ Resources

Heather brought new energy and a sense of urgency to our business as we struggled to implement our strategic plan. She helped us to eliminate outside noise so we could focus on the necessary steps to move forward. Heather was a pleasure to work with, highly encouraging, and pulled us together to align our work for the better.

Dr. Janet Vinson
Superintendent, Broken Arrow Public Schools

Heather is highly organized, experienced and most importantly, confident in success. This confidence leads to confidence within the team and all staff involved. She is able to take a very complex problem, break it down into manageable tasks and keep everyone on target for completion. Her experience in public relations and messaging leads to success in managing diverse groups of people and producing an end product and message that is received well by everyone. She does all of this with a positive attitude and smile on her face, even in times of great pressure. 

Jim Priest
President & CEO, Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma

Heather is one of the brightest, energetic and passionate people I know. And as an added bonus - she's a lot of fun to be around too! Heather does what she says she's going to do, when she says she's going to do it, and always is done with excellence. If you have a challenging problem - get a hold of Heather. She will take on the project, finish the assignment and brighten your day...all before noon.

Angelia Eckholm
Ebby Halliday Realtors

Working with Heather was a game changer for me. I am not exaggerating at all. Her recommendations for marketing my business are saving me a ton of time and money.

Monte Turrentine
Owner, Legacy Cleaners

I have worked with Heather for over 17 years. She has an amazing work ethic and can help businesses think and plan strategically better than anyone I have ever worked with. She is a stealth organizer of both people and projects. Heather gets things done! No matter the task, Heather takes it head on and manages to solve big problems and complete projects with the most positive attitude.