How We Can Work Together 


I work with clients in the following ways:

✅ Consultant OR Full-Service Agency Model

✅ 4-hour Personal Branding Strategy Session

✅ Leadership & Personal Branding Trainings (using DiSC)

Consultant or Full-Service Agency Application

If your business needs and requirements are specialized, the idea of a one-size-fits-all approach will not work for you. I only work with private clients on an application basis. Fill out the application below, and let's make sure we're a good fit for each other.

Application Form

Fill out the form below, and I'll be in touch within 24-48 hours.

Messaging & Branding Executive Strategy Session

This is a 4-hour time block - either on zoom or in person in the Dallas area. Below is an overview of the types of information we will cover during our time together....

DiSC Profile

  • Take the DiSC profile so we have a keen understanding of your unique communication style and how you should be messaging to your perfect clients.
  • We will develop messaging specific to your perfect client in a way that also feels good for your personality.
  • You will learn about the various communication styles and what will be your best strategy to communicate to your perfect client in a way that leaves them begging to work with you.

Content Strategy 

  • We will develop your 3-5 specific content areas so you know exactly what to talk about on social media.
  • We will record a video so you know exactly what to say, how to say it and post it for maximum engagement and vis
  • We will develop 2 social media posts so you know how to write captions, copy and understand the types of creative assets you need to incorporate when posting.
  • You’ll have a social media template kit to customize with your brand/company color palette and fonts.

LinkedIn (and FB, if desired) banner & optimized bio

  • We will write your bio and develop a header so potential clients know what you do, how you help and how to connect with you.

Top 10 Prospect List

  • We will develop your top 10 client prospect list and connect with those on LinkedIn or your favorite social media platform, and I’ll show you how to engage with your prospects in a way that's genuine and not spammy so your prospect begins to learn more about you (and you develop the know, like & trust factor).


  • We will discuss your next steps, whether that’s speaking to groups or determining which organizations and boards make sense for you and develop the action plan to get you where you want to be.
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