How We Can Work Together 

I work with clients a few ways. You can either take the DiSC assessment, schedule a 60-minute strategy call or apply to work with me in a full-service marketing agency model or project-based capacity.

I also offer in-person and webinar-based trainings...check out my incredibly popular, "Build Your Brand Based On Your Personality" training. It'll transform how your business approaches your messaging and sales conversations.

Learn About my popular training, "Build Your Brand Based On Your Personality."


Learn About The Training!
Direct Access


& Marketing Strategy Call

This is a 60-minute messaging and marketing strategy session, using the DISC assessment.

Each client will complete a 20-minute DISC assessment. You will receive a full report after you've taken the assessment. We will discuss how to best message your business based on your behavior type.

Also, depending on where you are in your business and what your needs are, here's what we typically accomplish on our call.

  1. Gain clarity about exactly who is your perfect client so you can attract and generate MORE of them!
  2. Review your content and develop a profitable content plan for your business.
  3. Nail down your brand message so it's clear to your clients and community how you can best serve them.
  4. Develop authority positioning strategies. Stand out from your competitors by establishing yourself as an industry leader. 
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Online Assessment


Take the disc assessment 

Allow up to 20 minutes to complete the assessment.


DiSC® is a personal assessment tool that helps improve communication, teamwork, and productivity. As a business owner or executive, DiSC is critical for raising self-awareness and developing strong sales skills. 

The more effective you are at examining the way you communicate and how that communication lands with your potential clients or audience, the more cash you’ll see in the bank. 

The best thing about DiSC is that not only will you learn so much about yourself, but you’ll learn how your type best communicates with other personality types too.



I Want To Take The DiSC!

Private Client Application

If you're like my other private clients, your business needs and requirements are very specialized. The idea of a one-size-fits-all program will NOT work for you. Let's see if we're a good fit. I only work with private clients on an application basis. Fill out the application below (no fee here...only looking for a good fit!).

Application Form

Fill out the form below so I can get a good idea of your problem areas. Once we've had an opportunity to review your application, we will get a zoom call set up!