How We Can Work Together

How We Can Work Together

What Clients Are Saying

Welcome to The Leadership Lab with Heather Lisle.

How to Read a Room in

30 seconds or less.

Imagine being able to quickly identify the communication styles of your clients and understand exactly what you need to say to convert a conversation into cash.... It can be done!

With this skill, you can make yourself invaluable when networking and help build better relationships with your clients and colleagues. 

Learning objectives from this session include:

  • How to build immediate trust and rapport by genuinely connecting with others based on personality.

  • How to quickly identify the communication style of your customers and prospects by increasing the probability of closing bigger deals with existing accounts and acquiring new business.

  • How to avoid communication pitfalls that kill deals. 


How to Have Game-Changing Conversations

with anyone.

A live leadership interactive training helping teams achieve peak performance through winning conversations using the DiSC profile.

In this session, participants will take the DISC assessment before the training. During the training, we dive into the team’s specific communication styles and how team members should communicate effectively with colleagues and clients.

Make sure your team‘s conversations not only pack a punch but also generate more client ”wins” and referrals with this 2-hour training.

This is a great workshop to use for retreat-style meetings.


Training Topics

Virtual and In-Person Training Options.

➤ Training can be provided virtually or in-person.

➤ All sessions are 45 minutes to an hour in length.

➤ We prefer in-person, but realize that may be difficult based on timing and availability.

 **Trainings can be customized based on your learning objectives.



Networking in the digital space of LinkedIn can be a game-changer for your team members and their practice development.

This program is designed to lead individuals through a teaching and implementation system to develop meaningful connections that elevate your company’s brand and positions you as a thought leader to help grow your practice. LinkedIn networking can establish a consistent lead generator that works for you 24-7. 

Learn more about this unique program HERE.

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