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Heather's Top Talks 

1. 4 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand To Elevate Your Career & Become An Industry Leader:The 4-step process to determine your unique messaging and the action steps required to be an authoritative figure in the digital space.    

2. How to Win New Clients: The specific formula you need to get in front and stay in front of those who will buy from you on repeat.

3. Communication That Connects: A live leadership program that helps teams achieve peak performance through winning conversations using the DiSC profile.

Heather Lisle Interview with Tiffany Carter, Multimillionaire Entrepreneur & Top-Rated Business Coach, Founder of ProjectMe With Tiffany Carter Podcast

Heather Lisle Interview with Mark DeGrasse, CEO of Digital Marketer.

Heather Lisle Interview with Tracy O'Malley, Founder of the Leadership Formula Podcast.

Heather Lisle Video Interview with Jay Vics, Host, Meet the Experts


Executive training video recording for Pavilion, a global membership organization with over 8,500 members.


Training video recording for Tiffany Carter's exclusive private business membership community, The Posse / ProjectMe with Tiffany Carter.

Fred Mather 
Executive Vice President, Pavilion

Heather's training was one of the best we have had with our group. We are truly grateful for Heather's expertise.

Michele Hockersmith
State Director, Oklahoma Small Business Development Council

Heather Lisle is the consummate professional in the business world. Her desire to assist businesses in moving forward and being successful is demonstrated through the effort she dedicates to finding what their "secret sauce" is and then leveraging that to advance their potential. Her approach is always enthusiastic, but she breaks the plan down so well that entrepreneurs are not overwhelmed with information. They simply understand the strategy it will take to execute and reach their goals.

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