About Heather Lisle 


Heather Lisle is a communications and marketing expert, entrepreneur, and professional problem-solver who helps professionals and executives stand out from their competition by teaching them how to have game-changing conversations with their clients, colleagues and in their brand messaging based on their personality using the DiSC profile. 

With 20+ years of executive level communications experience, Heather knows how to cut through the small talk and teach her clients what to say and how to say it to anyone.


Past experience includes:

  • Chief of Public Affairs to Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Joy Hofmeister 
  • Founder & Director, Western Avenue Business Ass’n.
  • Regional VP of Resource Development, American Lung Association (Top 3 Fundraising Professionals Nationally)
  • Executive Director, Oklahoma Quality Foundation (state organization to the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, an award given by the President of the US)
  • Moroch & Associates, McDonald’s account

Heather Lisle

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