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How to work
with me

I currently offer two ways to work directly and privately with me….

V.I.P. (Visibility Impact Plan) Strategy Call: 1.5 hour customized intensive business visibility strategy session where you will walk away with concepts for your unique brand message, content ideas, and a social media starter kit with templates for your posts and cover banners. Plus, you’ll have some time allotted to ask me any of your burning branding and marketing questions.

Click HERE to schedule your strategy session.

V.I.P. (Visibility Impact Program) Private Coaching: A 2-month program for professional business owners who need to develop their unique message, a digital footprint in the online space and a system to engage with and develop new leads. 

I only can take a handful of you amazing people, this way I can guarantee you will get the best quality assistance and interaction.

click here to apply for my private coaching program.

If you want to prep for major revenue growth and success, show yourself that you are serious about your desires and TAKE ACTION!

My private coaching spots fill up quickly, as the number of professionals I accept is exclusive.

So, if you know that you are ready for guidance on developing your unique message and the roadmap you need to make serious growth in your business, let’s do this.

How do I help my clients?

I use a simple 3-step approach called the V.I.P. (Visibility Impact Program).

I teach my clients:

1. How to clearly articulate your competitive advantage so you stand from everyone else in your niche.

2. How to optimize your online presence so your audience and potential client understand what it is you offer.

3. How to connect with clients in a meaningful way so they are begging to work with you.

I’ve worked with countless professional business owners who don’t have the time to figure out how to get visible online (it takes a LOT of time to figure out on your own), much less develop the marketing strategies needed to scale their business to 6 or even 7 figures.

Your time is valuable (and limited), but you know you want to grow and scale your business, and that requires visibility and a plan.

  • You can either spend $20k+ hiring a social media coordinator who really knows nothing about your specific business to grow your online presence.
  • You can spend an additional $30k for a consultant to come in and give you advice on how to grow your business based on how other brick-and-mortar, traditional businesses operate…

…OR you can stop the rollercoaster of endless spending for another course, another coach, and invest in ONE customized program that solves your visibility challenges.


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