Communication That Closes Deals

business strategy communication communication strategy communication tips Feb 15, 2023

Have you ever submitted a proposal to a new client…and you thought you would most certainly hear back quickly and never did…and then come to find out - the work went to your competitor?


Or…have you ever written an email or a social media post that didn’t get the traction you thought it would get?


I’ve been there myself on BOTH occasions, and I was left wondering, “where did I go wrong?”


Have you ever felt this way?


Most oftentimes, it’s the way we communicate with others that is the problem - it’s not the proposal or pretty graphic for social media.


A dear friend (partner at a large accounting firm) recently reached out to me and told me that he has landed TWO six-figure deals recently and both were from individuals reaching out to him from LinkedIn…


…and one of the deals could easily be a million dollar client too.


He was telling me that he had incorporated some of the strategies that I train on in the copy (these are the words - not a graphic - on social media) on his LinkedIn posts.


WHOA. Two six-figure deals from LinkedIn…all because of his posts over the past 6 months?


You betcha.


And here’s what I trained him to do to land these big deals. 

1️⃣ PERSONALITY: Yes…even on LinkedIn you need to incorporate your personality in your posts every so often. Every two weeks or so, you should incorporate a personal post that connects to your work life.


For example, tell a story about how you chose your profession and talk about the person in your life who helped you down that path. Tell a story about a “lesson learned” with a client you’re working with or a colleague that helped shape your career/life.


When you share your personality, it draws people to you. When you share the emotions and feelings in your stories, your audience will feel those emotions as well.


This is exactly what my dear friend did in his posts. Even though he’s a high-powered managing partner of a large practice unit, he’s HUMAN…and his posts have emotion incorporated into them so his audience sees him as a living person who has thoughts and feelings.

People buy from people - not companies…and by sharing stories, your audience further develops the know, like and trust factor with you.


2️⃣ TAG RELEVANT CONTACTS: If you’re telling a story or sharing information about your firm or business, be sure to “tag” relevant people in that post. 


What is tagging? When you’re typing the words in your post, type the @ sign and the person’s name you want to tag. This way, your post will show up in their social media feed as well. What does this mean? MORE EXPOSURE.


For example, if you’re sharing a story about a client or colleague and want to share their name in your post, be sure to tag them in it.


3️⃣ SHARE PICTURES/IMAGES: This is a must. No one enjoys reading paragraphs of words on social media without a visual to lend context. That’s boring…and your audience will scroll past your post.


Share a picture or an image/quote, etc. in your posts that are relevant to the content you’re sharing. If it’s a link to an article, copy the link in the post and the graphic from that web page to the link will pop up. That works too!