Does Your Website Sell…or does it just look pretty?

website Feb 06, 2022

✅ You want to introduce yourself to the world.

✅ You want your potential clients to know exactly how you can solve their problems.

✅ You want a website that is professional yet beautifully articulates who you are and what you’re all about.

And then you pay a well-known website designer $7,000+ to create this website for you…

…and then it launches…

…and then crickets. No one is clicking on it except for a few friends and your mother.

A few months pass by, and still not much traction, if any…

…and you’re wondering to yourself, “what in the hell did I do wrong???” why isn’t anyone checking out my website?”

➡️ The problem is that your website is all about you and not about how you help a client solve a problem. ⬅️

The focus of your website should be on your client - not on you.

Your potential clients don’t care about all of your accolades. What they really care about is being able to sleep at night knowing that someone has their best interest at heart and solving their problem.

Your website should be built to do the following:

  1. SELL: Sell your product or service in a way that your client is drawn in because YOU have solved their problem
  2. TESTIMONIALS: Show potential clients that you have happy clients
  3. CONNECT: Have a way for potential clients to connect with you