Don't Jump Into Your Marketing Without Nailing Down Your Messaging First

May 03, 2022


When it comes to marketing your business, you (like every client I've ever worked with) want to get the website done and a logo package created and sign up with the luxury magazine to show you’re legit ASAP.

I did that. I’ll raise my hand there.

I’ve had clients who do that too because they felt they needed to show to the world that they mean business with a $10k website, $5k logo design, and $20k ad package.

The problem with all of this is that if you’re not super clear on your messaging and specifically WHO you’re messaging to…you’re wasting a crapload of money and time…and you’ll wind up feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and broke quickly.

It’s always a bad idea to jump into marketing your business without first thinking about how you’ll message it.

There are two things you need to keep in mind BEFORE you hire a graphic design firm to begin developing marketing materials for your business.

WHO is your perfect client?

👉 Think about the demographics of your perfect person....

- Do they own/rent?

- Children? Pets?

- Luxury or generic?

- Where do they shop/dine?

- What books or podcasts do they listen to?

👉 Dive into the psychographics of your perfect person....

- What is she really telling herself when no-one is watching?

- What is really causing her to have the level of pain she's experiencing?


WHAT does your perfect client need to hear from you?

Stop and think before you send that email or post on social media and ask yourself this one question, “What does she or he need to hear from me today? What can I share that will make their life easier today?”

See the difference?

If you’re just posting about your product or service and not sharing information that would be helpful - you’ll lose each and every time.