👉 Don't Be Basic...Be Baller. 🙌⚡️

Feb 13, 2022


The reason why your marketing isn’t making you money is because your message is basic. Basic is boring, and it doesn’t sell.

✅ You look like everyone else out there.

✅ Your messaging is more about the services you offer versus the problems you solve.

✅ You aren’t telling your potential clients about why they should use you over your competitor.

I see it all the time with the clients I serve and the ads I see in the magazines I get in the mail. Everyone looks the same. All the ads of attorneys and real estate agents I see look the same too.

You know what I mean.

A photo of the professional with arms crossed across the chest with either a beautiful home or the scales of justice in the background.

BASIC. BORING…and it doesn’t compel me to buy at all.

3 things you can do to get out of the basic zone and into the baller zone.

1️⃣ Your messaging needs to reflect who you are and what’s important to you. For me, energy, fun, integrity and making a big impact are super important…and those attributes are reflected in my messaging. 

For example, I laugh a lot…and I typically laugh in my videos. I love good wine, and I’ll show that too. My posts on social media are high impact and give lots of great educational value.

If you’re an attorney who values helping your clients post-divorce, you probably want to talk about the organizations and groups that are important to you and how those connections help your clients.

2️⃣ Your messaging needs to speak to the problems you solve - not the services you offer.

For example, if you’re a real estate broker who has a specialty in video and is known for that…showcasing the homes you list with the high quality video production is one thing. Educating your community as to why video sells homes faster and for more money solves a problem.

3️⃣ You have a special sauce, and you need to talk about it. If your passion is environmental sustainability and you’re a real estate professional…you need to be educating your community about green home living. That makes you different…you stand out when you talk about the things that really light you up.