Your Focus Needs to Stay on This ONE Thing in 2023

business development marketing strategy Jan 10, 2023

Raise of hands: do you get easily distracted?


You have intentions set on getting that list checked off…and then, the car doesn’t start or a kid gets sick…or the pipes burst…or you lost track of time scrolling on social media.


This past week, I had the kids at home because school hadn’t started back yet from the holiday break. And let’s be honest…no matter how old your kids are (mine are 15, 13 and 10) - they get “bored” easily and getting work done is a pipe dream. We drove back from Florida. I had multiple clients calls the day after driving 13 hours (that in and of itself was a BEATING) and a training gig the following day. 


I remember telling my business best friend this past Friday afternoon (@keeley…love you, friend), “I had NO time to work IN my business…I worked for clients, which is fantastic (I’m not complaining at all) AND as a solo business owner (and this goes for you too, whether you're an exec or business owner) - I MUST allocate time each week developing new business. Period.”


So, let this be your permission slip to book that hour each week. 


I know you’re busy…and we want to keep work in the pipeline too. 


Here’s how I plan to spend my one hour of business development each week….

1️⃣ Make your top 5 (or 10…whatever that magic number is) client prospect list. I keep this list on the notes section on my phone. Send these people a handwritten note and actually mail it to them.


Why handwritten? We rarely receive anything handwritten anymore. Take the extra time. Write the note and stick it in the mail. Let that person know you were thinking about them and are wishing them well in the new year.

2️⃣ Spend time doing outreach on LinkedIn or your favorite social media platform. This means writing comments on posts or sending potential clients a direct message letting them know you liked something they posted and what that meant to you.

3️⃣ Attend an industry, Chamber or association meeting and interact with your peers and colleagues. Collaboration = NEW BUSINESS. 


I was on the phone with a new friend (introduced to me by another business friend) the other day who kinda works in the same space as me. Come to find out - he’s wanting to phase out of executive coaching (and I want to do more of that) and was interested in talking with me further about opportunities together.


When you focus on business development for at least an hour each week, you'll reap the rewards!