How to Sell to Your Perfect Client

Mar 07, 2022

Do you ever get exhausted working with clients who just never feel like they’re a good fit?? 

You know what I’m talking about…they’re constantly pinging you for questions or seem to have rolling complaints. They wear you slick, right?

What if I told you that there’s a way you could communicate with your perfect client in a way that is meaningful to them and feels good to you? Would you do it?

One marketing tool I use is the DiSC assessment. Great-working relationships are a 2-way street, and we’ve got to be able to message what you’re all about to that perfect client you would love to have.

You’ve got to know who you’re messaging to and how to seal the deal for that particular client.

Let’s talk about the various types of clients and how you message and sell to each type.

  1. If you’re selling to a “D” client, they can be very driven, outspoken and overbearing at times. 

So, you’ve got to get to the point fast. Bullet points and headlines make content easier to read and digest. Brief is best for a D. 

  1. If you’re selling to an “i” client, they are the influencers…very fun and like to be around other fun people.

So, you need to make sure your messaging sounds like you are “in it” together. I's are much like D's and don’t want to have too much to read and will go into overload if you have a 4-page marketing proposal. 

  1. If you’re selling to a “S” client, these are really nice and steady people who nurture and support others.

So, you need to make it sound safe and secure with guarantees and lots of testimonials from happy customers. They will read your marketing message and will probably have questions about your products. 

  1. If you’re selling to a “C” client, these people need lots of details to be able to function. They like order and structure and are compliance-based.

So, they want to know every bit of your sales process, workflow and deliverables. They will need a lot of data to make a decision and will need a number of emails, DMs or phone calls to close the sale.