How to Show Up Authentically on Social Media

May 04, 2023

I think I’ve heard at least a dozen times this week on podcasts or on social media that if you just “show up authentically” or “be your true authentic self” - that’s what your ideal clients need to see from you.


I remember first starting out in business and would hear that phrase and would think to myself, “What in the world do they mean by that??”

I’ve always been the what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of gal, but in all honesty…when I started posting on social media for my business - I felt I had to be perfectly perfect in order for potential clients to take me seriously.


Have you ever felt that way?


You know…you can’t get on video because your makeup isn’t perfect. You can’t post that graphic on LinkedIn because the font doesn’t look right.


Sure, we want to put our best foot forward and not look like a goofball putting ourselves out there. But, I was really not my “real” self on social media in the beginning…


…and it was exhausting… it didn’t feel like me.


Let me assure you that if something feels exhausting and it’s too hard to do - you won’t do it.


Since social media is a big part of my marketing strategy for my business…NOT being on social media because it was too exhausting was NOT an option…


…and it shouldn’t be for you either.


Here’s how I changed things to become “more authentic” and frankly…it’s a heck of a lot easier and not as exhausting.



  • Embrace YOUR communication type. 



I am an I (Influencer) on the DiSC. I’m positive, energetic, enthusiastic…and definitely a people person. For the longest time, my energy was deemed as “too much” for some people. I would cower and not lean into my full personality because it could turn a few people away. 


My videos in the beginning of my business were stuffy, ultra professional and not me. Funny enough - no one really commented or connected with me from those videos.


The minute I started recording videos as if I was talking to my best friend…the videos came to life. People could see me for me, and I started to radically grow my business.


If you’re a D(Dominant) type, embrace the fact that you get to the bottom line fast. You’re results oriented, and the people you will attract likely want that too.


If you’re a S(Steady-Relator) type, you’re a collaborator and you want peace and harmony for your team. Talk about “togetherness” how you handle your business with a calm, steady demeanor.


If you’re a C(Conscientious) type, you’re all about the facts and data. Talk about proven ideas that work and how you go about thoroughly examining decisions because that will attract like-minded people.



  • Stop focusing on being highly curated and just be you.



People buy from people…not companies. So, when you post on social media and it’s obvious the words you put out there are heavily curated and the entire marketing team has had their hands on your post…you gloss over the most important component of a compelling social media post…


…and that’s the real-life, your-own-thoughts-and-perspective that cultivates trust and rich connections and ultimately helps to create a more meaningful online presence.