How to Not Be So Boring on Social Media

content strategy social media storytelling May 08, 2023

I’m gonna bet you scroll past a TON of content on social media.


I sure do.


Why do you scroll past it? Likely because it’s boring.


Let’s face it. - -> You consume content because it’s entertaining or because you’re learning something…or it’s a combination of both of these things (the BEST type in my opinion).


Why should you be focused on creating compelling content?


QUOTE: Content builds relationships - -> Relationships are built on trust - -> Trust = $$.


So, how do you create content that’s not boring and basic? I’ve broken the process down into THREE parts for you….

👉Know who you’re talking to. In other words, who is your perfect client? 


When you have a clear understanding of who your perfect client is…their pain points and desires - your content will mean something to them. 


👉Incorporate fun and interesting stories to engage your audience.


Here’s my super easy storytelling technique:


> Think of THREE instances that made an impact in your life during certain periods of time (0-10 years old; 11-20 years old; 21-30 years old; 31-40 years old; 41-50 years old and so on).


> Describe the FEELING you felt, the LESSON learned and the OUTCOME or RESULT of each instance.


> Take the top 5 instances that are RELEVANT to your perfect client and write out a story of each instance. 


👉Always, always, always provide lots of value for your audience.


Your content should educate, inspire or entertain your audience. The more value you can provide, the more likely they are going to come back for more and share your content with others.