Results Are NOT What You're After

Mar 21, 2022

If you’re solely focusing on results and not the actions that produce results, you’re focused on the wrong thing.

Sure, we all want more clients and money in the bank.

However, if you’re all talk and no action…don’t expect a miracle to happen.

Keeping consistent with your marketing strategy and lead generation will give you the results you desire.

That being said, I do believe you need to keep your results focused on ONE big thing. This could be selling a certain product or service line this month…or growing your email list by 25%. Have a certain metric in mind so you can track if the actions you’re doing get you to the result you want.

When you have multiple results you’re focused on, results become diluted because your messaging is all over the place.

Focus on your one big result you wish to achieve and then develop a roadmapl of the actions that will need to take place in order to achieve the result.

For example, I have a mortgage broker client who wants to nurture her email list. That’s the goal. She has around 1,000 people on her list and she’s never emailed them.

She’s interested in nurturing that list organically and knows over time, those leads will become warmer and will ultimately buy from her. But, she’s got to nurture that list FIRST.

So, our workflow goes something like this:

  1. I facilitate an interview once every two weeks and will take that video to have it transcribed.
  2. Once we have the copy (or the words) from that video, I will develop a few emails we can make into a campaign.
  3. We will also take the copy and create social media content to post as well.
  4. Our goal is to have one email go out every other week and to create content to post three times a week on her social media platforms.

Actions will produce the result you want…not just talking about it. Consistency with your actions wins each and every time.