Using The Same Selling Strategy For EVERYONE Isn’t Working

communication tips marketing tips sales selling strategy Feb 07, 2023

How many of you detest sales people? You know, the types that just want to “sell you” on something without first finding out if the thing they’re selling is actually something you need or want… UGH.


I used to hate car shopping because I always felt like the salesman was too…well…salesy. It felt gross. Have you ever felt this way?


We cannot use the same selling style for every customer and be successful every time. It doesn’t work this way.


We all communicate and receive communication differently, whether that’s managing your team (or clients) at the office or as a business owner marketing your business.


The key is this:


In order to get buy-in from your team or sell to a customer, you MUST build trust and rapport…and do it sooner rather than later.


So, how do you do it?


You’ve got to understand the type of person you’re communicating with or messaging to and SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE.


In other words, you’ve got to learn what stresses and motivates them so you can meaningfully connect with them. 


When you learn to do this, that’s when your team or clients feel connected to you in a genuine and authentic way. 


I teach my clients how to do this by using the DiSC profile. The DiSC is an easy 4-prong approach to help you understand how to communicate effectively with various types so you have a winning conversation.


Here’s the breakdown….



These people are RESULTS-ORIENTED and they move quickly. Be sure to keep the small talk minimal because they’re not interested. Stick to the task at hand and keep out the emotions.



These people are POSITIVE and don’t like to be bogged down with details. The more fun and energy you can incorporate into the conversation, the better.



These people are LAID-BACK and INDECISIVE. You’ve got to draw out their thoughts and opinions and make sure to clearly define all areas of your product or service. Don’t pressure them to make decisions quickly…they won’t do it.



These people are only interested in DATA and FACTS. They examine things very closely, will have questions for clarification and want lots of details. Keep the personal/family talk out of the conversation, and be sure to give them plenty of time to make a decision.