3 Things To Stand Out From Your Competitors

communication strategy competition marketing marketing strategy Feb 20, 2023

Have you ever spent hours combing through social media and websites looking up your competitors to see what they’re up to…how they’re doing it all…and trying to figure out how you’re different?


I’ll raise my hand on that one. I’ve spent COUNTLESS hours scrolling…..


At the end of the day, sure…it’s a good practice to know who your competitors are and how they’re showing up online and in the marketplace.


However, it’s equally as important to define how you’re different from your competitors too. 


In other words, what makes you stand out?


There are THREE things you can do to stand out in a very crowded market….


✔️Be different.


Brands that are similar blend into the unknown, while brands that are different stand out and sell consistently.


Think about how your business is different. 


It may be that you provide exceptional customer service…or you have an innovative product…or you’re socially responsible…or you have integrity and stand behind your product or service…or your brand has a unique personality.


When you’re not known for something unique or special, you don’t stand out. You’re simply basic…and basic doesn’t sell.


✔️Maintain a strong digital footprint so potential clients know how to easily connect with you. 


Become an industry leader who your perfect clients want to follow, learn from and spend money with too. 


If you don’t already have an active account on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, you need to get that set up. 


Your digital presence needs to have the following elements:


  • Bio that tells people who you are, what you do and how to easily connect with you (i.e., website link, linktree, calendly, etc.) along with an updated head shot.
  • Fresh content posted 2-3 times a week. This can be in the form of your own content: an article, information, infographic, a shared article that  you also include your own perspective. 


✔️Provide evidence of happy clients.


You can say that you’re the best…you can believe that you’re the best. But, here’s the thing…. Future clients won’t be convinced you’re the best until they see evidence of happy clients.


Be sure to leverage your clients as part of your marketing strategy because they provide the social proof you need to attract new clients.