Top 10 Secrets to Get People To Buy From You

client communication communication disc marketing Aug 29, 2022

One of the hardest parts of running a business is marketing yourself to the people who you really want to work with…because it’s not just anyone, right?

Today, we are going to cover my top 10 secrets to help you market your business and sell to any type of personality. But, before we dive into the top 10 list, I want you to really think about the type of person you enjoy working with the most. 

Who have you worked with in the past that made work fun? Who was enjoyable to be around? What was their name? What about them did you really like?

I want you to name that person and remember as many details as you can about them as we go through this list.

I approach typing my clients with the DiSC profile. The DiSC is a personality assessment tool that has 4 main components: D - Dominant, i - Influencer, S - Steady-relator, C - Conscientious. Let’s dive in!

Secret 1 — When communicating with D-Styles, don’t waste their time. They are direct in their communication and want to accomplish things quickly.

Secret 2 — When communicating with I-Styles, expect to chat. They love to

interact with people in open and engaging ways. Swap stories and opinions.

Secret 3 — When communicating with S-Styles, give them the opportunity to create routine and harmony in the situation. They are great at this.

Secret 4 — When communicating with C-Styles, deliver logic, data, facts, and information. The opinion is a waste of their time and yours.

Secret 5 — The D- and I-Styles prefer a fast pace, while the S- and C-Styles prefer a slower pace.

Secret 6 — The I- and S-Styles are open and relational, while the D- and

C-Styles are guarded and task-oriented. Make sure to respect their preference.

Secret 7 — Everyone can solve problems, but the higher intensity D-Styles are aggressive problem solvers. Give them the opportunity to save the day.

Secret 8 — When working with an I-Style, they can be emotional or intuitive. I-Styles choose to influence people with feelings, not facts. So don’t bore them with facts.

Secret 9 — The S-Style is an amazing listener and collaborator. Don’t expect them to share their opinion quickly. Respect this boundary and earn their trust.

Secret 10 — The C-Style is very cautious in its decision-making process.

Learn to use their cautious style to carefully weigh options.