How to Incorporate Video in Your Marketing Strategy

May 26, 2022

You’re leaving serious cash on the table by not using video as a part of your marketing strategy.

Recently, I was talking on the Money Making Marketing Show with a dear friend of mine - Will Koberg - about how he utilized video with his business...and he's a PRO.

Will shared a few of his top tips and strategies you need to be using on video. 


  1. Video is the quickest way to build the know, like & trust factor with your community and potential customers.
  2. Keep your videos simple. You always want to have a beginning, middle and end…and make sure you always have a call to action. Get to the point quickly and tell people to follow you to learn more or call to book an appointment, etc. 
  3. No matter what you’re talking about on video - talk about it as if you’re being helpful and offering information for your potential client to make an informed decision. 
  4. Starting on video is easy! Use your iPhone and make sure natural light is on the front of your face. Clip ring lights and a tripod are inexpensive on Amazon.
  5. Keep it personal. When talking into the camera, pretend you’re only talking to one person. Think about who you are talking to…and keep your message personalized.

To listen to our chat, be sure to visit and click on episode 7.