Episode 33: How to Get People to Take You Seriously Guest: Malena Putnam, Founder/Chicks in Charge

You want to be known as the industry leader.

You want your voice to be heard at the table.

You want to be taken seriously.

But…how do you do it? What’s the formula?

In today’s episode, I have the pleasure of talking with Founder of Yay Dude OKC and co-founder of Chicks in Charge, Malena Putnam. By the way, check out the Frisco/North Dallas chapter of Chicks in Charge that I’m leading too! 

We dive into the concept of personal branding and executive presence and what these concepts mean in a professional setting.

Top 2-3 strategies a business owner or executive can implement to 

What does personal branding mean to you? How does it show up in the workplace? What are people doing online that establishes them as an industry leader?

How does executive presence fit into this concept of personal branding?

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