Episode 35: How to Use LinkedIn to SELL As A Professional Services Provider

If I could give a dollar for every time someone has said that LinkedIn is only for job seekers, I’d be a rich woman…AND all those “someone’s” are wrong.

LinkedIn is for job seekers…AND it’s for professionals who truly are looking to connect with other professionals who can help them in their business.

LinkedIn is a social media platform, and even though it’s intended for professional purposes, you should use it in a way that has potential clients interested in learning more about you.

Because one thing is 100% true: people buy from people…and they buy from people they know, like and trust.

When you share stories - not just the “corporate-y” posts…those stories connect people.

How do you know what stories to share?

Think about a client you’d love to work with. What would they want to know about you that would set you apart from your competition? What stories can you share that shine a light on your unique qualities?

Before posting content on any social media platform, consider WHO will be consuming that content and WHAT do they need to hear from you?


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