Episode 36: If You’re An Introvert, Here’s How You Need To Message Yourself to Land New Business

If you classify yourself as an introvert, you'll want to listen in this episode! 

Today I will be talking all about communication strategies, and more specifically the verbal and non verbal cues to effectively identify and communicate with your peers. 

The DiSC assessment is incredibly valuable for this as S & C types are more introverted, and those in the D & I are more extroverts. Most of the time you are communicating with others unlike you, so how do you identify what type of communicator someone is? 

Introverts on the DiSC:
S (Steady)- calm, steady, laid back, emotional and will smile, giving more non verbal cues
C (Conscientious)- analytical, precise, formal, logical, not much emotion, little non verbal cues

Listen in to see how you can clearly identify how others communicate, and how you can use your strengths to communicate effectively as an introvert!

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