Episode 40: Having a Great Personality Doesn’t Mean People Will Buy From You

If there’s one thing I’ve heard a LOT over my years working as a professional in the communications and marketing space, it’s this:

Of course you’re successful - you have “that” kind of personality.

I’m the INFLUENCER type on the DiSC profile…positive, energetic, extrovert, people-focused.

And truth be told…sure, it helps being an extrovert when you’re in communications. BUT…that doesn’t automatically mean people will listen to you much less buy from you because you have a good personality.

In fact, quite the contrary. 

"A good personality may get your foot in the door, but if you don’t have the ability to identify the type of person you need to sell to or have the competence to back it up…you’re dead in the water, my friend."

I recently read the book, CUES by Vanessa Van Edwards. It’s probably one of the best books I’ve read in a few years. 

Van Edwards talks about the formula for charismatic communication. It’s a combination of both warmth (friendliness) and competence (intelligence). You must have a mix of both and know when to dial in more warmth or competence, depending on your situation.

Make sure your energy matches the energy in the room. If you walk into a meeting with everyone talking about their weekend, sharing stories and smiling…dial up those warmth cues (smile, nod, lean in).

When it’s time for you to present, dial up the competence cues. Speak with confidence, stand straight and face/front the person you’re speaking to. Use your hands with palms up to signal openness. Take up physical presence if you’re standing in front of a group. Don’t stand behind a podium. Smile.

PRO TIP: If you can’t showcase your warmth, people won’t believe in your competence.

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