Episode 41: How To Show Up Like You Own The Place

Have you ever had a closet edit?

If you would’ve asked me a few months ago…I wouldn’t have even known what a closet edit is until a new friend, Elisa Ellis with Turnkey Style, attended one of my Chicks in Charge lunch meetings…we became fast friends, and I hired her to help me with my closet.

I had clothes from my past life in public affairs…and frankly, these clothes hadn’t been worn for three years. I had a closet full of nice clothes that I never really wore…primarily because I’m terrible at putting outfits together.

Elisa spent FOUR HOURS in my closet, and I tried on every, single piece of clothing I own. We donated about 6 large trash sacks of clothing after it was all said and done.

It was fabulous having someone teach me how to assemble items. I learned so much, and she elevated my style exponentially.

Four hours together in a closet - you learn a LOT about someone!

We got to talking about the clients she’s helped and her mission to help women build their confidence by dressing the part.

That really resonated with me. She said, “If you’re the CEO of your business…you’ve got to show up as one.”

Truth, right?

I recently read the book CUES by Vanessa Van Edwards. In the book she had a chapter on attire. What you wear — or how you dress — sends nonverbal cues to other people. Our clothing shows:

✅ How much power you wield.

✅ How much influence you have.

✅ How smart you are.

✅ How much you earn.

Your choice of clothing can heavily influence the impression you give and is a powerful communication tool.

When it comes to communicating confidence and ability, what you wear plays an important role in creating positive first impressions. Whether you agree with the statement or not, clothes make the woman or man…or at least others’ perception of you, science shows.


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