Episode 42: Stop Hiding Behind Compliance & Start Marketing Your Business

Believe me, I’ve talked to MANY professional services providers over the years…accountants, lawyers, commercial mortgage brokers…you name it.

One thing that comes up over and over again is this:

I work in a highly regulated business…how do I market myself without getting in trouble?

There’s a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to marketing yourself as a professional services provider…let’s break this down and make it easy.

✅Understand your industry’s regulations.

The first step in managing your marketing message is to understand the regulations that apply to your industry. This includes rules around advertising, marketing, and promoting your services.

Find someone who knows these rules inside and out and leverage their help so you stay out of trouble.

✅Drop the industry jargon & acronyms in your marketing and messaging.

C’mon now. Let’s be honest. Your clients likely don’t know the specific jargon and acronyms you use. Even if they have heard these words and terms…spelling things out and being clear with the language you use makes it EASIER for your client.

When you confuse your clients - guess what? You lose ‘em. 


💫✨ Avoid making claims you can't support.  It's important to avoid making claims you can't back up with evidence. Make sure that any claims you make about your service are supported by facts/data or other credible sources.
💫✨ Maintain records of your marketing materials. It's important to keep detailed records of all your marketing materials to show compliance with regulations if needed. In other words, this is the CYA bonus tip.

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