Episode 43: Stop Taking Things So Personal…It’s Impacting Your Results

Have you ever worked with a client or colleague who absolutely cannot take feedback well?

You know the type…. 

You’re working on a project together and when you give recommendations or thoughts to help improve things…you either hear crickets or see a defensive posture from the other person.

It’s SO HARD to work with people who have a hard time receiving feedback, especially when the feedback is necessary to move things forward, sell the thing, seal a deal, etc.

When you find you’re working with tough personalities, my advice is to pause and identify the TYPE of communication style of your colleague or client. It’s highly likely there’s a gap in your communication styles.

(D)Dominant types are extroverted yet task-focused, results-oriented and to-the-point.

(i)Influencer types are extroverted yet people-focused, positive, energetic and to-the-point.

(S)Steady-Relator types are introverted yet people-focused, collaborative, indecisive at times and need time to make decisions.

(C)Conscientious types are introverted yet task-focused, non-emotional, data driven and need lots of information to make decisions.

Now that you know who you’re talking to…consider trying one of these two approaches….

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