Episode 47: Leading by Example: How to Communicate with Anyone with special guest, Tracy O’Malley

We all tend to communicate with others the way we want people to communicate with us. The problem is - we all communicate very differently.

Leading a team requires understanding and the ability to leverage diverse personalities and communication styles.

In today's episode, I am joined by one of my favorite people - Tracy O’Malley, an Enneagram expert and leadership coach. We discuss how leaders can navigate the complexities of team dynamics and optimize their leadership approach by implementing specific communication strategies based on personality styles.

After reaching the top 1% of network marketers in the world, going from zero to millionaire in just twenty-six months, Tracy’s mission shifted. 

Now her primary focus is coaching and consulting individuals, entrepreneurs, couples, and professional corporate teams to leverage their natural strengths and stressors to achieve unstoppable success. 

Tracy has a unique coaching style, where she uses the Enneagram framework to uncover the patterns of how you interpret the world, navigate your emotions, and interpersonal relationships.  

Where to find Tracy:

> Instagram @Tracy_omalley


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