Episode 49: How Confidence in Your Communication = Cash in the Bank with special guest, Nancy Medoff

When it comes to confidence in our conversations and how we communicate with others, there’s a way to effectively do this with kindness yet setting boundaries too.This also includes understanding how to infuse warmth (i.e., in your words and nonverbal signals) no matter if you’re negotiating a big business deal or daily conversations with your colleagues and clients.

In today’s episode, I am talking with Nancy Medoff, author of #1 best selling book, Unmute Yourself, and sales and leadership coach. Nancy shares her wisdom about how to be persuasive and approachable…and how (as women) positioning yourself in conversations like “one of the guys” NEVER works.


After close to three decades of walking the talk in corporate sales leadership, Nancy Medoff ditched her VP global sales job after being spoken over one too many times in meetings. She DID THE THING and followed her passion for empowering women to claim their seat at the table - then build a bigger table.

“The Confidence Catalyst”, Nancy is a global keynote speaker who is recognized as an authority on women and confidence and she won’t stop until women everywhere step into their strengths, debunk Imposter Syndrome, know their worth, and show up like they own the room.

Her best-selling communication playbook, Unmute Yourself and Speak Up to Stand Out was listed in Forbes before being published and debuted at #1 on Amazon - twice. Her top 25% podcast, Unmute Yourself – the Podcast is a call to action for women everywhere to speak up, step into who they are meant to be and thrive at work.

Where to find Nancy:
Instagram: @nancy_medoff

Be sure to check out Nancy’s upcoming retreat: DO THE THING retreat on Cape Cod October 13-15 2023. Details can be found on her website or HERE


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