Episode 50: How to Work a Room & Network Like a Pro, with special guest Sarah Gemmell

Networking can either be your jam or something you really try to avoid for a variety of reasons. If you’re like a lot of the clients I work with, you likely haven’t been taught HOW to strategically network.

Networking isn’t just showing up at an event without a plan. In fact, you can make a bigger bang for your buck and it won’t be as scary if you follow some simple networking “rules.”

In today’s episode, I have a fabulous interview with Networking Expert, Sarah Gemmell. She shares her best tips and tricks to make networking easy and incredibly impactful.

Sarah helps business owners and sales teams to map out and implement a more profitable networking strategy to increase their reach and their impact through consistent, high quality referrals and collaborations. In addition to consulting, Sarah also hosts virtual networking meetings for women in business every week and she hosts the fastest growing in person meet up for women in business in Gainesville, Georgia.

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